Both the Intro Special and the Month Trial give you an introduction to Kenpo and allow you to evaluate the system and the quality of instruction.  In your lessons, you’ll learn requirements towards your first belt rank, including stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, and self-defense techniques.   

Get Started the Right Way

Intro Special | $39

The Intro Special includes two private lessons that give you the opportunity to see what MadCity has to offer you. This is a good option to give you an understanding of what your training will be like and to familiarize yourself with your instructor and the studio. Plus, you get a free uniform when you get started with this option.

Month Trial | $100

The Month Trial is our most popular introductory course and includes four private lessons. This option allows you and your instructor to develop a relationship and a solid training plan that will meet your goals. With this full understanding of your future in Kenpo, you can begin your training with confidence and clear goals in mind.