Adult self-defense Training

The Group Instruction format of adult self-defense training allows students to work with peers as they develop dynamic kicking and striking techniques. The Private Lesson format of adult self-defense training provides a customized one-on-one experience for the student as they learn kicking, striking, and self-defense.

Learn Your Way, On Your Terms.

Your options for self-defense classes are below.

Start and stop when you want.

Option One: Group Instruction

$75 per student | No Contract

After completion of the Trial Month, in Group Instruction you will finish developing self-defense techniques and requirements toward your first rank. In addition, your training will be enhanced with detailed instruction in:

  • Heavy bag and focus mitt work
  • Stretching
  • Sparring
  • Self defense techniques with a partner
  • Kicks and basics

These one-hour sessions will allow you to work hands-on with a partner while receiving immediate feedback from your instructor. After you reach your first rank, you will have the option to remain in the Group Program or you can join individual private lessons; or join with one other member of your group class and take private lessons together on our Friend and Family Program. Secure your Trial Month today.

Current Adult Karate Class Group Instruction schedule:

adult karate class

Option Two: Private Lesson Program

The alternative to Group instruction is our Private Lesson program. Students can take one or two private lessons per week. You may join this program at any time after completion of the Trial Month.

  • Learn at your pace
  • Customized to you
  • Bi-weekly, weekly, and bi-monthly lesson times that fit your schedule
  • Achieve rank faster
  • Individual attention from a certified instructor
  • Maximize understanding and detail

Private lessons allow you to work one-on-one with us, giving you a dedicated instructor that customizes your lesson to you. The standard Private Lesson program includes one private lesson per week and unlimited access to group classes. We also offer a program that includes a private lesson twice a week and access to all group classes. Groups of up to 4 people may take Private Lessons together. Contact us to learn more about pricing and to secure your personal weekly session.

Lessons available seven days a week, including outside of normal studio hours.

Looking for something else?

We also offer Youth Martial Arts Classes on Saturday afternoons for ages 5 to 12. No Contract & First lesson is FREE!

Can’t come into the studio? We offer our Private Lesson Program over video call too.

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