Adult Self-Defense Training

Kenpo Karate is not a sport...

With a focus solely on self-defense, our program gives you the tools needed to be proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Train for reality using practical self-defense at North Alabama’s Professional Self-Defense Training Center.

Step 1:

Complete the Introductory Course | $40

Complete three private lessons with a certified instructor to familiarize yourself with your first steps of training while learning the fundamentals of self-defense.

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Step 2: Earn Your First Rank - Yellow Belt

Continue training toward your first rank and complete your basic kicks, blocks, strikes, and self-defense techniques that are used in the next step of your instruction.

Finish developing your foundation by earning your first rank, then keep building with a custom training plan. 

STep 3: Customize your Training

Focus 1:

Private Self-Defense Lessons + Group Classes

Get individual attention learning self-defense from a certified instructor. Earn rank in lessons that are flexible to your schedule on a custom plan.

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Focus 2:

Group Self-Defense Classes

Keep your skills sharp through repetition using air work, bag work, and work with a partner.

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