Kenpo Is Self-Defense

Practical. Effective. Real.

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Origins Of Kenpo

We teach a timeless martial art that is practical for the modern world. A blend of five cultures, we originated in China over twenty-one generations ago. Kenpo was studied and influenced in Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii before reaching the continental United States. Due to our many influences, Kenpo is both a circular and linear system, taking advantages from both.

Practical. Effective. Real.

We present to you a street practical self-defense system that is applicable to the real world. Students learn to use effective and appropriate hand-to-hand defenses in their self-defense training. In a controlled environment and with consistent exposure to various attacks, you will be prepared for any situation and understand how to adapt on the fly. There are nine levels from white to 1st degree black and 10 levels of black. Kenpo is best presented one-on-one or to small groups because of the abundance of self defense techniques. Whether defending against one opponent or multiple, we will train you to respond quickly with logic and effectiveness. 

adult karate class.