Alabama’s Premiere Adult Training in Self-Defense

Go Beyond Your Goals With Private Lessons.

Private lessons give you a better understanding of self-defense.

A better understanding means skills you can use. As a result, achieve your goals faster and move up in rank sooner because you develop a strong understanding from day one.

  • First, build a solid foundation
  • Second, expand your skillset rapidly
  • Last, develop skills you can use

Lessons that are tailored to your needs.

Learn at an advanced speed to maximize your potential. As a result of your training being tailored to you, you get individual attention from your instructor and flexible scheduling to fit your life.

  • Learn at your pace
  • Learn how to adapt based on your body
  • Confidently go past your potential

Optional group instruction classes are available to students after Yellow Belt who would like to accelerate their progress. Classes consist of topics such as bag work, air work, stretching, sparring, techniques, kickboxing, grappling, and weapons.

Private lessons for students under the age of 18 are taught in this program with the parent’s consent.