What Do We Offer?

At MadCity Kenpo we specialize in teaching adults self-defense in private lessons and group classes. Your specialized instruction customizes your training and individualizes the experience. Our programs are designed to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Programs are also offered to groups of friends and family as well as youth students.

How Does Our Ranking System Work?

Kenpo Karate consists of 9 color belt levels up to 1st Black and then continues with 10 levels of black belt.

After learning the criteria for each belt, students are fully prepared before being tested by their personal certified instructor. Rather than waiting for set “testing times”,  students are awarded their rank when they can demonstrate proficient skill at their requirements.

Origins Of Kenpo

We teach a timeless martial art that is practical for the modern world. A blend of five cultures, we originated in China over twenty-one generations ago. Kenpo was studied and influenced in Okinawa, Japan, and Hawaii before reaching the continental United States. Due to our many influences, Kenpo is both a circular and linear system, taking advantages from both.